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Real Missouri Bar-B-Que......The Best Tastin', Lip-Smackin', Hickory-Smoked BBQ You'll Ever Eat!  

Customer Reviews

The following are a few of the unsolicited comments we have received from our customers.

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I admit it…I walked into Dexter Bar-B-Que in Poplar Bluff expecting slow service and average food. They took our order as we walked in the door and handed us drink cups, eliminating ten plus minutes at the table. I ordered the BBQ Rib Melt on Texas toast with a baked potato on the side. Five minutes later, it showed up. This was the best sandwich I’d ever had. Big chunks of rib meat, BBQ sauce and melted cheese. Absolutely delicious. Baked potato was just right. And soft serve ice cream thrown in! (Mix of vanilla and chocolate of course!) Well done, Dexter, well done!
So, let's recap...BBQ Rib Melt $5.79 plus a Baked Potato- Quite possibly the best sandwich I've ever had in my life. Big chunks of rib meat, BBQ sauce, melted cheese, all on Texas Toast. With a baked potato on the side and ice cream for dessert. AMAZING!!
FIVE FORKS without a doubt. Fantastic food. Quick service. They have their act together! (**our food critic arrives unannounced and pays for meal)

Poplar Bluff Dining Food Critic

I am from West Plains, MO and my husband is from Dexter. Whenever I tell someone where he is from, the first response is, have you had that Dexter BBQ? I haven't met one person in this area that knows where Dexter is, that doesn't mention the BBQ.

We always go camping Memorial Day Weekend and my mother in law stops by and picks up BBQ for the weekend and last year I had some friends from Fulton, MO there. Every time I visit them, they ask me to come through Dexter and pick up BBQ. I think you should consider opening a store over on this side of the state. I know it would definitely do well in West Plains! Keep up the good work and great food.

- Kristy L.
  West Plains, MO

I tried your ribs a couple of years ago when my boss brought some back from Dexter, MO. Honestly, I have not had any that taste that good since!

- Joyce T.
  Antioch, TN

I was born and raised in Chicago. My family hails from the South; mostly Mississippi and Louisiana. My point is, I come from a family of cooks, and very skilled cooks.

The barbeque brisket you make was given to me as a gift a few months ago and I've been seeking it out ever since.  My only suggestion would be to prepare yourselves an online business that can freeze and delivery your product.  Great job.

- Olivia

The best bbq in Missouri! I had a pull pork sandwich and pork steak dinner. Wow, it was the best bbq, besides my mom's. Great food!

- Lynn H.
  St. Louis, MO

Awesome food! My Hubby wants no other BBQ!

- Lisa H.
  Poplar Bluff, MO

Just wondering if you all ship ribs? I live in Tuscaloosa AL and get homesick every once in a while. One of my happy places was Dexter BBQ when I lived there. 

- Paul B.
  Tuscaloosa, AL

I am a SE Missouri native but now live in Texas. Even though there are plenty of BBQ joints around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, none compare to your ribs.

- Mark L.
  Dallas, TX

I am originally from Jackson. We were just at your restaurant in Cape and bought a few bottles of your sauce. I live in Virginia now. My fiance who is born and bred in VA loves your BBQ. I explained to him how the place used to be a small shack in Dexter. I remember it coming home from Poplar Bluff when I was a kid, visiting the grandparents. Ya'll have come a long way and very deserving of it because your BBQ is the best!

- Kimberly L.

Have you thought about putting in a restaurant at Poplar Bluff? I have to drive to Dexter or Cape for your BBQ. Poplar Bluff would be closer and I think a restaurant and drive thru would be very successful. There is nothing comparable to yours and Poplar Bluff is very limited on good food. Think about it.

- Diane B.
  Popular Bluff, MO

We now live in Joplin, MO and wondering if you have a mail order program so that we can order some of your wonderful ribs. You have the best ribs we have ever enjoyed.

- Dick P.
  Joplin, MO

I was a resident there in your town for many years and have recently moved to CA. I have yet to find a restaurant that has Great Ribs as yours. My husband and I are wondering when you guys are going to make it over this way, that is if you are. I think your business would be very profitable here because there aren't many BBQ places here.

- Ashley W.

We recently had a chance to eat lunch at your Cape location. Fabulous !! I used to live in Dexter and had the privilege of eating there about every couple of weeks. It was wonderful to see that opening your additional locations has not changed the wonderful meats you serve, especially the ribs.

I am wondering if we can purchase 3 - 4 slabs of ribs and have them shipped to us? .....We can't get to your part of the state more than once a year and it is just too long to wait.

- Mary T.
  Osage Beach, MO

I tried your BBQ for the first time last week and loved it.

- Tammy H.
  Jonesboro, AR

What happened to the great mushrooms you served? We brought friends from central Illinois to eat BBQ and mushrooms last week, but was disappointed only getting half of the expected treat. Please reconsider your menu, and include the greatest mushrooms in Missouri!

- Ralph W.

I was born in Dexter, and ever time I'm there I get ribs from you or The Hickory Log. Seems you guys have the better ribs now. I just had some that I've been saving in the freezer and they were good. I would like to know if you were willing to ship to St. Louis. I work with a guy that's from Dexter and another that went to school at the Cape and we all love your ribs. Let me know if you do ship your ribs.

- Steve F.
  Chesterfield, MO

I have had your ribs & sandwiches and they are by far the best I have ever eaten. I am from Michigan, but have family down there.

- Laura S.
  Durand, Michigan

We are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents who live in Dexter. They love your place!! Can you give me some pricing on your catering services?

- Shelley H.

I spent some time in Dexter in the late 80's and remember having some ribs that were out of this world.

- TIM H.
  Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the fried mushrooms and the other beef brisket salad w/all the good things in it...thanks

- Gini B.
  Festus, Mo

I grew up in East Prairie, I've eaten Dexter ribs many times and they are by far the best I've ever eaten. I was home recently on leave and brought 3 sides back with me and when I brought them into work everyone has asked me how they could get their hands on them, I've provided them all your website.

- Brian C.
  Tampa, FL

I have been eating your ribs since I was a boy visiting in Dexter and ate even more when you moved to Sikeston. I know there is none better. Indianapolis is a thriving city & needs a Dexter BBQ!!

- Jeff C.
  Indianapolis, IN

We love your ribs!

- Becky C.
  Hot Springs Vlg, AR

I live in Seattle Washington and would like to have ribs delivered! I am originally from Sikeston and miss our BBQ.

- Greg N.
  Redmond, WA

I am a former Dexter resident. My husband and I now live in Washington state, and I'd really love to serve Dexter BBQ for his 35th birthday. He misses it so much! Do you guys do a FedEx/overnight delivery service?

- Amanda J.
  La Conner, WA

I love your Pork Steak dinner. I have an office in Kansas City which makes many claims on their b-b-q. I also have offices all over the western U.S., and there are no shortage of excellent restaurants out there. But I have never eaten anything that beats a Dexter B-B-Q Pork Steak.

A very grateful patron.

- Steve B.
  Cape Girardeau, MO

I was in the area calling on customers in Sikeston and I called to take lunch to 10 guys. They told me to pickup ribs from Dexter's. I have never tasted so good of ribs in my life and I do lots of traveling (60,000 miles/year). I just wanted to
pass along how great lunch was and the friendliness.

- Dennis G.
  Owensboro, KY

I used to live in Bloomfield, MO. and now live in San Diego, CA. I miss that bbq. Do you ship any of your meats out of state?

- Eric O.
  San Diego, CA

I lived in Dexter for many years and every time I come to town I bring some home to Florida. But I won't be making a trip for a long time, so I would like to check into having some ribs shipped.

- Nora K.
  Port Charlotte, FL

My husband and I are originally from Sikeston and love your ribs.

- Jackie H.
  Lakeland, FL

I live in Kansas City, Missouri and make it a point to stop at Dexter BBQ every time I am in town. I go back and talk about how much I like the dry rub vs. the wet rub.

- Tyson M.
  Kansas City, Missouri

We live in Spokane, Washington but have enjoyed your ribs on several occasions when we lived in the Bloomfield area. It would be a treat to get 3 or 4 sides sent to us to enjoy in Washington.

- John M.
  Spokane, WA

You catered my son and daughter-in-law's wedding in Dexter.....We all rave about the excellent BBQ.  We will be back.

- Colleen B.
  St. Charles, MO

You have a great advantage over any other BBQ place I have ever eaten at.  There are numerous BBQ places out there that claim to have great food, but they are nowhere near competing with your flavor and taste.

I see that you now have 4 restaurants, but there are many cities in Missouri alone that I think would be ideal for Dexter BBQ to go into.

- Levi P.
  Columbia, MO

Best dry rub ribs we've ever tasted.  We'll definitely be back.  Appreciated hospitality, fast service & great food!

- Fran C.
  Ripley, TN

I wanted to serve the people I work with some of your ribs because I am tired of hearing all the Memphis BBQ debate.....we picked up some ribs and brisket.  I froze them and served them last night.  They were a hit and they had to admit they had never had better. Thanks for making my dinner a success!

- Ruth C.

We stopped at your Sikeston location by recommendation from a local resident.  The ribs were wonderful.  Nice and Tender with plenty of flavoring.  Baked beans were great and the service was great.  Planning on a future roadtrip to include a stop at one of your locations soon.

- Allen D.
  Dyersburg, TN

A friend sent me your web site address and I wanted to make a comment regarding the food.

I live in San Diego California and I have been a customer for many years, a local resident buys several sides of your ribs and then ships them to me.  I visited your restaurant in 1995 and you absolutely have the best ribs in the World, probably the Universe.  I believe the center of the Universe is the Dexter BBQ.

Thanks for producing the best ribs on Earth!

- Bob M.
  Lakeside, CA

I'm from Malden.  I moved to Boston, MA four years ago.  There's nothing like it anywhere in the country.  I only wish there were a Dexter BBQ in Boston.

- Kevin S.
  Boston, MA

We've had lots of bbq but this was among some of the finest.  The facility was pleasant and the people very friendly!  We'll definitely be back!

- Sue M.
  Caruthersville, MO

...When I come 2 Sikeston to visit my g-parents it's gospel that we eat at your facility on the first day there.

- David J.
  Chilhowee, MO

Best BBQ that I have ever had.  Wish you would come to Glasgow Ky and start one here!

- Gary D.
  Glasgow, KY

I was just in the Cape.........I gotta tell you, those were the absolute best ribs I've had in forever.  The five piece plate was incredible.  Here in L.A., well you can imagine what that plate would cost.  I want more!!
Thanks so much.

- Chuck S.
  Los Angeles, CA

A coworker just shared your delicious ribs with me at work.  They are heaven.  I believe you should open a place in St. Louis.  I have never tasted ribs as good as these. 

- Sally D.
  St. Louis, MO

On the way back from Kamp Kanakuk in Lampe, MO on June 25th, my 15 yr. old son and his friend clamored for some food.  I saw a sign on the interstate for your competitor's barbeque store in Dexter, and pulled off.  After taking the wrong turn I had to approach from the other side of the exit.  I first saw the (competitor), but decided to go on to Dexter when I saw your sign. I've travelled the entire South for 25 years hunting down the best BBQ in all kinds of shacks, and too fancy a store scares me off.  The kids yelled out go to Taco Bell, but I was adamant - Dexter BBQ it would be.
We all got the beef brisket sandwich that is a special on Friday nights.  And we all agreed this was the most delicious meal we ever tasted.  As you're aware, in Kentucky we mostly smoke pork, and sometimes mutton down in Owensboro.  But the tenderness and flavor of your meat surpassed all.  The ribs looked great but we didn't have enough room in our bellies to sample them.  Your restaraunt was doing big business that night you'll be happy to know.
Just want to let know when I'm travelling the rural parts of Missouri again, I'll be hunting down Dexter's.

- George D.
  Owensboro, KY

I have family that live in Dexter.  The rule is anybody that leaves Dexter and doesn't bring Dexter BBQ is in big trouble.  I have ate in hundreds of BBQ restaurants over the years and Dexter BBQ is my favorite and is better reheated after a 300 mile journey than most straight off the pit.

- Mark G.
  Cameron, MO

Special thanks to Michael & your staff for delivering & setting up for our luncheon today.

Food was fantastic & Michael did a fantastic job getting everything in place & ready to serve!  All we had to do was lift the lids & form a line.

We did receive complaints from the folks down the hall who kept getting whiffs of the wonderful BBQ smell!  Not to fear though - they stopped by after our meeting to help us "clean up"!

- Mike B.
  Scott City, MO

It was the best barbeque I've ever eaten!  Too bad I live 5 hours away!  Don't know what I'll do when I get a craving....and I will!

- Diane H.
  Lexington, KY

Hello! I visited your restaurant in Cape......and really enjoyed the ribs.

- Tom S.
  Jefferson City, MO

23 years ago while living in Memphis; I used to go to Dexter to eat (competitor) ribs! The word is used to!

We live in Texas now, and we went back one time and their ribs were not what they used to be!  Met a man and became a friend to Mark P. from the boot heel area!  He told me about your ribs at a meeting we had in Galveston, TX and asked for my address!  To my surprise yesterday there were 5 sides and some sauce!  Talk about surprised!

I removed the aluminum foil from one side and the aroma was heavenly!  I put it in the oven and while it was heating up I also took the cap off the sauce and put a drop on my finger and licked it off!  I thought, not bad, and a few seconds later I was trying some more sauce on my finger!  The stuff is addictive!

The moment of truth came as I unwrapped the foil and started to cut them up for my Wife, Grandson and myself!  Bits of the crust came off and I picked it up and ate it, and WOW.  FANTASTIC!  We ate till we hurt!  I would eat them dry and then switch with the sauce!  My Wife took my rib bones and cleaned them up so a buzzard could not survive on them!

I have traveled all over the USA and more times than not, been disappointed with the BBQ across the country.  All I can say is, you sure know how to make them!

I thank Mark P. for being a true friend and sending them, but most of all for you being there to make them!  I have told so many about them locally in our area and maybe it will help spread the word!!

They are slap your Momma good!

- Dan M.
  Wharton, TX

I ate some ribs......from your Dexter location and they were the best I have ever had. I am a Certified Master BBQ Judge and have been judging for about 9 years.  These were without a doubt the BEST.

- D. P.
  Malden, MO

2 bbq's on Texas toast - love love love em!! I love this place, we had the bbq on Texas toast, I would recommend this restaurant any day. Good food, friendly people, atmosphere, always clean.

- P. P.
Dexter, MO

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